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Orlando Anime Day will also feature an Anime video/event room across from the dealer's area. This room will show various anime shows throughout the day and will also be used to announce the costume contest winners. Check back later for a complete room schedule

AnimeDay Schedule


9:30am - Video Room open
10:00am - Marketplace, video games & artist area Open
10:30am - Raffle Drawing #1 (at admission table)
11:00am - Panel: Hetalia Q&A (event room)
12:00pm - Panel: Anime Jeopardy (event room)
12:00pm - Video Game Tournament (video game area)
12:30pm - Raffle Drawing #2 (at admission table)
1:00pm - Panel: Maid Cafe Q&A (event room)
2:00pm - Panel: My Little Pony Trivia (event room)
2:00pm - Video Game Tournament (video game area)
2:30pm - Raffle Drawing #3 (at admission table)
3:00pm - Panel: Cosplay 411 (event room)
4:00pm - Costume Winners Announced (event room)
4:00pm - Video Game Tournament (video game area)
4:30pm - Panel: Love Live! Karaoke Contest (event room)
6:00pm - Marketplace closed
6:00pm - After show dance (event room)
7:30pm - All events over



We are proud to announce the addition of Fan Panels to our Anime Day events. These will be held a various times throughout the day (Saturday & Sunday) in our new Event Room

11:00am - Hetalia Q&A: Come ask your quesitons to the Hetalia characters. Now is your chance to find out what they are really thinking.

12:00pm - Anime Jeopardy: Come test your anime knowledge in categories like Manime, It's a Trap, More Moe, and much more.

1:00pm - Maid Cafe Q&A: Join us for a Made Cafe information panel complete with Q&A, introductions, games, dancing and more.

2:00pm - My Little Pony Trivia: Do you know everything there is to know about My Little Pony? Put your knowledge to the test and you could walk away with prizes and pony bragging rights.

3:00pm - Cosplay 411: A quick over view on the history of cosplay, how its changed and tips and tricks to improve future projects.

4:30pm - Love Live! Karaoke Contest: How much do you love Love Live! School Idol Project? Do you sing the songs in the shower? Would you dare sing them up on stage? Come and compete with fellow Love Live! fans and try to sing your heart out for a prize! Solos, duos, trios, come on up and sing any song you want. You can repeat a song but it will help if you're able to sing a different song.

Host a Panel: Please contact us if you are interested in running a fan panel at our show. Email us with your name, panel name, short description, tech requirements, age restrictions, and desired day/time. You will get two free passes and 1 hour for your panel time which includes both set up and break down. come learn all about it.


Video Game Room:
We are pleased to announce the addition of a video game room to our Anime Day events. There will be multiple games and systems available to play. This will be a small casual gaming area that we hope all can enjoy. So stop by and get your game on.

Video Game Tournaments: Mario Kart 8, Fighting Climax, and Smash Bros WiiU

sign up starts at 10am with tournaments to follow.

Show us your gaming skills and take part in our mini game tournament. Sign up for the tournament starts at 10am. Full details will be available at the show.


Video Room:
Come visit the video room to relax and check out some new anime that you may not have seen yet. We will focus on showing the first episodes of newer anime series that just came out. Think of it as an Anime buffet. You can come in and sample a bit of everything to find out which ones you like.

Video Room Schedule: TBA showing new anime titles.


Other Events:
Costume Contest
Video Room
Prize Giveaway


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